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The Lifestyle of the Young & Upwardly Mobile

Bangalore, India

Story by Naomi Ture April 23rd, 2014

There’s a frenzy of color, energy and chaos in Bangalore.

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And in this start-up capital of India— an air of possibility.

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With a chic, entrepreneurial and affluential culture brewing.

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It’s a growing class of upwardly mobile, sipping cocktails in U.B. City by night.

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And innovating new ideas by day.

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In this hotbed climate, young entrepreneurs are taking risks, founding start-ups — and succeeding!

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The new innovators In bangalore are geeky, young and hip, embracing the traditions they love.

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And giving a modern twist to the age-old art of tea — with chic lounges.

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But Just outside the modern interiors, old India seems as intact as ever.

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With breakfast carts serving hot idli, vada and sambhar, women sporting colorful saris, and sacred cows roaming the streets. And where else to find fresh watermelon, but in the middle of traffic?

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From chaos, springs opportunity — and possibly — the roots of the entrepreneurial spirit.

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